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I run a friendly Hypnotherapy practice based in Wheatley Complementary Therapy Clinic or online helping my clients solve their problems, achieve their goals and manage their health and well being through a combination of  cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, solution focussed hypnotherapy and stress management techniques.

Hypnotherapy has been used successfully for centuries for self improvement, solving problems and helping relieve anxiety and medical symptoms. It is a simple and enjoyable process that can really make change achievable and improve quality of life. There is a growing body of evidence based research supporting using hypnosis for reducing anxiety and as an adjunct to relieve the symptoms of medical conditions.

It is  a simple process that most people find is a pleasant, positive and relaxing experience.

Stress and anxiety is soothed through hypnosis techniques that calm the  worried mind and reframe and reduce negative thoughts.

For medical conditions it is used as a powerful addition to treatment that can give support to the therapy for problems such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS),  chronic pain,  oncology treatment and chemotherapy.

Hypnotherapy and self Hypnosis is taught to pregnant mums to help them reduce any fears and achieve the birth of their babies in a calm, relaxed way through Hypobirthing.

It is also used to successfully achieve personal goals such as weight loss  or improve confidence in public speaking, exams or sport.

Therapeutic hypnotherapy is nothing like you may have seen on stage or TV, you do not lose consciousness, control or need to disclose any private information about yourself. In fact can be an empowering process that creates lasting change.

Hypnotherapy is safe to use online, consultations and therapy are available from your own home and in the clinic setting.

I am a fully qualified and registered hypnotherapist based in Oxfordshire with a background in healthcare see about Denise for more information about me.

If you would like an informal chat to find out more about hypnotherapy and how it can help you, please contact me. Call Denise on 0787 949 1882 or email hypnotherapyforhealth@hotmail.co.uk

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