Health Anxiety

Its normal to worry about your health especially in the current Covid pandemic. However health anxiety describes when this concern increases to a level where it can dominate the way you think and behave causing huge distress and adversely affecting your daily to day activities.

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The checking , testing and constant trips to the doctor for reassurance can be exhausting, distressing and expensive too. And when the checks and tests are done yet you still don’t feel convinced the whole cycle starts again. Its can feel as if you are in a vicious cycle of worry which cannot be satisfied and calmed.

Hypnotherapy within a cognitive behavioural approach can help you learn to manage this fear by helping you distance youself from its grip.

Hypnosis can help teach you the mental techniques to slowly change your thought patterns to reassure the dominating over protective health anxiety it is simply not needed anymore.
You can see begin to see Health anxiety for what it is, a bully that dominates your thoughts and actions. I know it can be hard to break out of that worry cycle and that’s where hypnosis can help.


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