Hypnotherapy for Pain Management 

Hypnotherapy is used and well researched for pain relief,  surgical and dental procedures have been carried out using hypnosis reducing the need for  anaesthetic. It is a simple, non intrusive method without side effects.

Pain is our mind and bodies way, of protecting us  an important  signal that alerts us that something is wrong preventing further harm. For example it warns us not to walk on a broken ankle or to seek help in a case of acute problem like an  appendicitis. 

However sometimes after our pain signal has alerted us and  the problem resolved or managed it can forget  to switch off. This leaves us with chronic pain that serves no useful purpose and can make life miserable. In a case like this hypnotherapy can be used to change the perception of pain through changing the minds perception of pain, reducing the associated anxiety and give relief.

If you are suffering from chronic pain hypnotherapy may be able to help you, to contact me hypnotherapyforhealth@hotmail.co.uk  an initial discussion.Happy woman holding a coffee cup

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