Anxiety and symptoms of Stress

Most people will suffer from feelings of  anxiety at some point in their lives. A normal level of anxiety is useful to keep us alert to potential dangers and gives us the motivation to deal with problems.

However, sometimes anxiety can become out of control and take over, stopping you from getting on with your life and making you unhappy.

There are many unpleasant feelings and symptoms associated with excessive anxiety. You may be experiencing some or a combination of the symptoms and feelings listed below:

  • Constant worry
  • Nausea and sickness
  • Unable to sleep
  • Diarrhoea
  • Sadness
  • Abdominal pains
  • Inability to concentrate and poor memory
  • Chest tightness or pain
  • Irritability
  • Palpitations and pain
  • Anger
  • Aching muscles
  • Fear of going mad
  • Pins and needles.
  • Fear of impending death
  • Feel detached from reality

Anxiety can lead to avoiding what you perceive as stressful and panic attacks. Your life becomes dominated and limited by these uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and symptoms.

Hypnotherapy is a really effective way to help you overcome your anxiety and free you from the mental and physical symptoms of stress. It can help change your thought patterns, reduce the stressful feelings and symptoms  to give you a better perspective on life. Stress management techniques combined with hypnotherapy reduce the internal negative chatter allowing you relax and feel more in control,  positive suggestion will build your self – confidence and increase self esteem. You can be taught simple methods to manage and reduce your anxiety levels so that you can get on and enjoy  life again!

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I have produced a relax and reduce stress recording that can be purchased here.

I am also an Anxiety UK Approved Therapist providing therapeutic support to the charity’s members and partner beneficiaries. I am subject to Anxiety UK’s regular monitoring of my professional qualifications, supervision, continual professional development, insurance and professional body membership in addition to complying with the ethical framework and professional standards set down by my registered governing body.
Full details of the Anxiety UK Approved Therapist scheme can be found here – Details about becoming a member of Anxiety UK to be able to access therapy via the charity can be found here .

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